Forgotten Shores

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This is what mission looks like in real life. See the highs and lows of church planting in France. Forgotten Shores is the story of a family who relocate from south west England to a town in south west France. As the story unfolds we hear what drives them to endure the toughest of times as they seek to launch a project that will bring love and hope to a forgotten shore. Step into their shoes and feel what they feel as you watch this film and be moved.


"amazing movie - whatever you do don't miss this" - John Glass, General Superintendent, Elim.


"This film is a must for anyone seeking to go onto the mission field. It is watchable, inspiring and will cause you to want to go, give and pray for the Ellerington family." - Paul Hudson, International Missions Director, Elim.


Produced by The Paisley

Directed by James Chapman

Music by The Paisley & James Cardell-Oliver

Featuring Rich, Regi, Mani, AJ and Indi.


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