Freetown : Hope Restored

Eleven years of civil war wears on a nation, especially when it consists of rape, mutilations and murder. Although not every person was physically affected by the war, all have been affected through the lives of their friends and neighbors, as well as dealing with the widespread destruction. The hope of an entire nation was stripped away. The war would leave physical effects that would be easily seen for years to come, but even deeper still are the emotional and spiritual effects that hide within the hearts of the people.

What hope do the people of Sierra Leone have?

Freetown: Hope Restored, will take you on a journey with the people of Sierra Leone, from the time before the war when the country was thriving and beautiful, through the effects of civil war, and forward, to a time of restored hope, through Jesus Christ. You will see God at work in the lives of the people, physically and spiritually, as the local churches of Freetown unite with Ben Cerullo Ministries to bring an event that would show God’s amazing power to change lives.


Directed and Produced by James Chapman, The Paisley

Producer: Tonya Hidalgo

Director of Photography: Nic Mclean

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