Johnny on the Spot

Promo for Iphone app. Spend more time surfing the waves you like to surf thanks to Johnny on the Spot, the Surfer's

personal diary.

How it works:

Take pictures of the waves and live swell, wind and tide data is stamped onto the image. Rate the images, add your comments, and you have a detailed record of exactly what the waves were like on any given day. Use this to help you make better decisions about where and when to surf in the future.

And don't worry. You can keep all your data 100% private.

Current features include:

- To the minute data stamped onto your image

- Auto comparison between old diary entries and live conditions

- Data retrieval when images are taken out of range

- Easy swipe, 5 star rating system

- Comments section

Coming soon:

- Alerts telling you when your own personal 5 star conditions are due

- Entry sharing with a select group of surf buddies

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