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koko ( is an award winning blog for teenage girls. They approached us with a brief to create a film that encourages conversation around the topic of loss. Very quickly we could see how huge the subject is and how many different types of loss can be experienced. We decided to focus on three, and create a mini series of three shorts.


‘The films are stories of great pain but also of honesty and hope. We hope the films spread far and wide to encourage the thousands of young people who are facing a loss in their lives.’


(the following is taken from an article on the Girls Brigade website here)


"The spoken word films, called Lost // someone, Lost // family, and Lost // me look at the issues surrounding loss of identity, bereavement, and parental separation.


koko Project Co-ordinator Meg Cannon says ‘The words of these films are the genuine stories of people we interviewed about experiencing loss. We heard from people who had faced bereavement, parental separation and the loss of their identity through anorexia, self-harm and anxiety.


 koko: & @thekokostory


Spoken by Meg Cannon

Produced by Meg Cannon and The Paisley Productions

Directed by James Chapman

Cameras by The Paisley Productions and Northern Spark Productions

Edited by James Chapman

Original Music by James Cardell-Oliver




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