Sixty years ago a man called Andrew took the risk of saying ‘Yes’ to God. It led him to venture behind the Iron Curtain where he discovered persecuted Christians, people who were truly counting the cost of following Christ. 'Brother Andrew' went on to found Open Doors, an organisation that supports persecuted Christians in over 50 countries today – including thousands of Christians in Syria.

As this short film weaves between the story of Brother Andrew’s early adventures of faith and the story of the church in Syria today, we are presented with the same choice: are we ready to say ‘Yes’ to God, whatever the cost?


Directed By - James Chapman

Produced By - Joel Wallington

Written By - Nick Page

Director of Photography - James Chapman

Graphics / Titles - Daniel Etheridge

Music by James Cardell-Oliver

Archive footage / Interview footage - Open Doors International


Fixers - Christine, Sami, Said, Hadi, George, Noora.

Researchers - Angus Reid, Joel Wallington, Nick Page,

Claire Page, Catherine Sinfield, Beth Fuller

Thanks to

Pastor Edward and Pastor B for standing strong, for risking everything to keep sharing the gospel despite the danger. For their willingness to be part of this project and share their stories. Thanks to those who allowed themselves to be filmed to represent these inspiring stories. To Sami for keeping us safe and driving so considerately. To Brother Andrew, for risking it all, saying Yes to God, and inspiring a generation by doing so.

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